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Thursday, February 14, 2008
John McCain's tortured Valentine
Senator John McCain is absolutely opposed to the use of torture by American G.I.'s, CIA agents and operatives of every sort. He'll even say it on videotape in front of people! He'll even say it in a Republican debate! ... He'll even take on President Bush (insert signing statement here...) because these are John McCain's princip... pardon? ... oh, the Republican leadership is gonna endorse him after a hasty secret meeting??? And Mitt Romney too...???

Oh HELL yeah! Torture the sonofabitches like Jack Bauer on acid, baby! Torture's a.o.k. with John McCain!

(sigh) What does it profit a man to gain the whole world (or at least to gain the miserable acquiescence of a party who really doesn't want you) and lose your soul? ... and your integrity? Somebody oughta ask "my friend" from AZ...

Meanwhile, don't look for the winger faithful to throw John-boy any bouquets for his newfound respect for the Law of "24"... these are the same guys who on background, really think he gave in to the Viet Cong...

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