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Thursday, February 28, 2008
The Thursday round-up
Had a busy day today, so I missed a few posts. Here's my attempt at catch-up, before Lost comes on and I say damn this blog altogether...

One in every 100 Americans is behind bars, according to a new report. That should come as welcome news to the Republican Party, who can both wallow in the negativity and get more tax breaks for big, privately-run corporate-owned prisons...

George W. Bush continues to whinge about telecom immunity and demand (!) that the Congress send him a bill ... I guess nobody has informed the POTUS that no one is listening anymore.

Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, Republicans can't understand why all their hard work on behalf of immunity from 'spensive lawsuits hasn't loosened up the purse strings of the telecoms, who are still giving most of their cash to the party in power. And after all that hard work saving those telco's asses the American people from terrorists!

How come Congress can find time to demand a perjury probe of Roger Clemons, but they can't manage to enforce their own subpoenas against Karl Rove and Harriet Miers? And doesn't the FBI have anything better to do?

Who's more manly: George W. Bush of the Texas Air National Guard (at least when he showed up ...) or Britain's Prince Harry? It's Harry by a long shot. He's been fighting in Afghanistan on the front lines for some 10 weeks. Too bad he can't keep the mission from utterly failing.

The warring parties in Kenya have agreed to a power sharing agreement. Let's hope it holds.


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