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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Top ten completely inappropriate headlines about the new John McCain scandal
#10 ...
Shirtless McCain denies Obama is only candidate who's 'still got it'

Aides forced to hide elderly candidate's Cialis during 2000 race

McCain shunned lobbyists, all the way to the bank

McCain to Keating: 'top this!'

Candidate swaps trophy wife for trophy lobbyist, paper claims

Candidate prefers blondes, small bills

Candidate: If Hillary was 30 years younger, she could lobby my committee

Paper: Even McCain looked at sexually by some

Lobbyist told pals McCain's arms are only parts he can't raise

and #1:
Former campaign official: 'I sure hope she dry cleans'

Hold the emails! All in a day's satire...

Update: Cindy Hensley McCain is not ... and I repeat, NOT ... a "trophy wife" ... she's a beer heiress ... and, they've got a pre-nup! Take THAT, Paul McCartney!

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