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Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Votin' day
Voting is under way in Wisconsin and Hawaii (and in Washington State for the Republicans). The Clinton camp is lowering expectations for Wisconsin, but truth be told, they'd really like to have a win there. Anything to give Howard Wolfson something to talk about other than Barack's supposed pilfering of some of the most famous phrases in American history ... (somebody alert David Letterman -- that skit he does with Bush quotes begins with some of the same clips Barack borrowed. Better start crediting Deval Patrick...)

Also today, Texas begins early voting. And that's important, because it means the results from tonight will begin reverberating in that crucial state immediately. Keep an eye on Houston and Dallas, where large concentrations of African-Americans could weigh heavily on the outcome on March 4th.

Now to the polls:

Here's how it's looking for Hillary and Barack today:

In Wisconsin, throwing out the Valentine's Day and earlier polls:

Public Policy Polling (2/16-17)
Obama - 53%
Clinton 40
Undecided 7

ARG has un updated poll that shows definite movement toward Obama:

Democrats Feb

Clinton 50% 49% 42%
Obama 41% 43% 52%
Someone else 1% 1% 1%
Undecided 8% 7% 5%

On the GOP side, ARG shows Romney's support going almost wholesale to McCain:

Republicans Feb

Huckabee 4% 42% 43%
McCain 51% 46% 51%
Paul 7% 4% 3%
Romney 29% ni ni
Someone else 1% 1% 1%
Undecided 8% 7% 2%

...which should be music to the ears of the Senator from Angryville Arizona.

On to Texas: the latest CNN poll has some troubling news for Camp Clinton: there's movement in the Longhorn State, and it's in Barack Obama's direction:

CNN / Opinion Research Corporation
Date: 2/15-17
Added: 2/18/08
Est. MoE = 4.3% [?]

Hillary Clinton50%
Barack Obama48%

Hillary had been leading comfortably in Texas before now, with the exception of one seemingly outlying ARG poll that had Barack slightly ahead.

The tension mounts...

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