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Friday, March 21, 2008
ABC News' Rick Klein and Mike Elmore say that despite it all, most things are going Barack Obama's way...

He even got an apology from Condi regarding the breach of his passport records, not that that closes the matter...

I'm not so sure I'd be as rosy as the ABC duo, but Obama does have certain pluses going into the weekend:

First, its Easter weekend, so many voters will be focused elsewhere, putting more distance between him and the toughest story for him in the latest news cycle: the Wright debacle.

Second, Bill Richardson's endorsement does help bolster his arguments on "readiness" and foreign policy acumen. And as I said in the previous post, it will help him out west, and with Hispanics. And it gives him a good story going into the weekend. That and the passport breach should blot out any remaining Wright residue in the mainstream media coverage for now. That doesn't mean the mad bloggers, right wing talk radio and Fox News won't continue to beat the dead horse, but then, they aren't exactly Obamicans, are they...

And, as the ABCers say, (and as a very senior member of the campaign said to a group of us who gathered this morning to discuss the race,) by the math, barring some catastrophic disclosure that dooms his candidacy, Barack Obama is going to be the nominee. He just has to run out the clock.

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