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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
Hillary Clinton's by any means necessary campaign
Here we go...

They're voting in Ohio, Texas, Vermont and Rhode Island today (well, they have been early voting for awhile, but there you go...) and the Obama and Clinton camps are spinning the possible scenarios. For Camp Hillary, it's all about winning, well, anything. One state, and the Penn-Wolfson axis says she's in it through Pennsylvania. Team Obama is saying the race is over according to the pledged delegate count (they're right), and they're looking to run out the clock, hold onto at least two states tonight, and possibly pinch Texas.

Reality: If Hillary doesn't win both Texas and Ohio convincingly tonight, she will begin to appear to be placing her own ambition ahead of what's good for the party. Hell, she's even willing to start a political war in Canada to get the nomination. That will cost her super delegates. On the other hand, if she wins both, but not convincingly, her team will begin placing enormous pressure on super delegates to stand pat and wait for PA...

On the GOP side, John McCain should win enough delegates tonight to clinch his party's nomination. I'm gonna miss you Huckabee.

The polls have it close. USAElectionPolls has compiles the latest surveys, which are, sadly, already out of date. Still, they show a tight race with Hillary appearing to slow Obama's mo, at least a little bit, in Ohio particularly. (Note to giddy journos, negative campaigning ALWAYS works, even on the margins.) The polls:

Latest Ohio Polls for Each Pollster
Pollster Date Updated Clinton Obama

50.0% 42.4%
Zogby 3/1-3 3/4 44 44
ARG 3/2-3 3/4 56 42
IPR-UC 2/28-3/2 3/3 51 42
Rass 3/2 3/3 50 44
PPP 3/1-2 3/3 51 42
SUSA 3/1-2 3/3 54 44
Qpac 2/27-3/2 3/3 49 45
Suffolk 3/2 3/3 52 40

Latest Texas Polls for Each Pollster
Pollster Date Updated Clinton Obama

47.6% 46.1%
IVR 2/28&3/2 3/4 49 46
Belo 2/29-3/2 3/4 46 45
IADV 3/2 3/4 49 44
Zogby 3/1-3 3/4 47 44
ARG 3/2-3 3/4 50 47
Rass 3/2 3/3 47 48
PPP 3/1-2 3/3 50 44

Note that today is March 4, and much of the above poll calling was a wrap before March 1st...

Meanwhile, Howard Wolfson is playing Clinton hatchet man this morning. He's all over MSNBC playing that phony NAFTA-Canada story and using the words "Tony Rezko" as many times as he can cram into a sentence. He even threw in a "NAFTA-gate" for good measure.

By any means necessary, I suppose...

I guess he has a point -- you wouldn't want to run a general election candidate who can be tarred by the other side for their relationships with indicted, possibly corrupt figures and shady land ... deals ... ooohhhhh.... meanwhile, Camp Clinton's demands that the press pound the hell out of Obama have a predictable effect.

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