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Wednesday, March 19, 2008
We all knew that Dick Cheney is an arrogant S.O.B. who waved off military service for himself, while relishing sending other people's sons and daughters into war. But how much of an ass do you have to be to respond to the question of most Americans' opinions on the war with "so?" ... "SO???" ThinkP has the video.

Well we know that Cheney doesn't care, but perhaps you do, about what your fellow Americans think...

  • Only 31 percent approve of President Bush's job performance, which includes his stewardship of Iraq and Afghanistan...

  • The war is stressing out our young people, many of whom, unlike Dick, actually know someone in combat ...

  • Not to mention the senseless loss of American, "coalition" and Iraqi lives...
  • Anyone with half a clue can see that Iraq, like the U.S., is worse off for having had its brush with the Bush II administration...
... and yet Dick considers Iraq a "major success." Well, I suppose that's because he still stands to make so much war profiteering money from Halliburton.

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