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The candidates honor King

There is still a question about whether John McCain was booed in Memphis, but for the three remaining major candidates for president, today was a day to remember Dr. Martin Luther King. Canada’s National Post reported it this way: MEMPHIS, … Continue reading

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A grim, but poignant anniversary

My favorite picture of Martin Luther King Jr., sharing amoment of normalcy with wife Coretta. 40 years ago today, Rev. Martin Luther King was shot to death as he stood on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. Commemorations … Continue reading

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The new law of public discourse

George Allen learned it … Don Imus learned it … David Shuster got a taste of it … that weird guy who played Kramer learned it … Isaiah Washington learned it, too, big time, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright has lost … Continue reading

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Today is a day for numbers, big and small, that tell a rather profound story: 1,000 – The number of Iraqi Shiite troops who reportedly refused to fight or deserted the field during Maliki’s recent, and apparently unsuccessful crackdown on … Continue reading

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Yoo 2

The first torture memo was bad enough. The new one is a doozy. John Yoo, the Justice Department lawyer who essentially gave the president and anyone he designates, a pass on the Geneva conventions, allowing the Bush administration to order … Continue reading

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