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There are metaphors, and then there are … metaphors

Clinton campaign office in Indiana goes up in flames.

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Our long national nightmare is almost over

I’m a little biased. I onced worked for CBS, in the company’s “Black Rock” building in New York City. When I could, I used to hustle over to the west side studio where Dan Rather produced and anchored the evening … Continue reading

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Twilight of the torturers (or, the rehabilitation of John Ashcroft, part II)

I think I’ve said before that when John Ashcroft is the voice of reason, you know that you’ve gone over the cliff. But Ashcroft, the one-term Bush attorney general, is slowly emerging as one of the few occasional voices of … Continue reading

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Five reasons why the horserace polls don’t matter

I love a good poll as much as the next political junkie. In fact, I follow them pretty asiduously, including on this blog. But it’s fair to say that most of the horse race polls pitting either Barack Obama or … Continue reading

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Bush gives a speech about Iraq. Film at 11

Forgive me if I don’t get all exercised about President Bush giving his umpteenth speech on Iraq today. The fact of the matter is that mosts Americans, myself included, have long since tuned him out. Nothing he says could move … Continue reading

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Things you never thought you’d hear a gay man say

“What’s the matter with you … you don’t like women?”

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