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Sound and fury

For all the media’s fulminating and braying on behalf of the gun owning, churchgoing, illegal immigration opposing, small town Americans that most of their East Coast elite backsides quietly despise, it appears that so far, Americans are proving to be … Continue reading

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A little truth telling

It’s clear from the coverage (or the non-coverage) that the Washington press corps has a soft spot for John McCain. Mostly, it’s because of his “openness” (mistaken for honesty by the quote-hungry reporterati), but it could also stem from their … Continue reading

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Arianna Huffington is having a grand old time criticizing Hillary Clinton for trying to score cheap political points on the “bittergate” non-story (which the press is continuing to flog, five days on.) Writes Arianna today: Here’s Sen. Evan Bayh, commenting … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in the real world…

States are looking for new ways to limit guns and gun violence.

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The wingers won’t like that

[Warning! Moonie Link!!!] McCain says “greedy Wall Street investors” are to blame for the recession we’re in. And no coverage from RedState? How much does it cost to sell out your principles, guys?

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Now THAT’s a major political gaffe!

Dan Abrams came to the rescue tonight, and with a little help from Lawrence O’Donnell mocked the “bittergate” story with all the snidery it deserves (though it did look like he was about to give poor Pat Buchanan a heart … Continue reading

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Hillary’s very own extra special wild west adventure

There’s a new Mahatma Hillary posted. And in case you haven’t checked out the blog, it chronicles HRC’s long history of service to … well … everything that ever happened in history that could be useful to recount on the … Continue reading

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Monbiot on the global food crisis

George Monbiot’s take is up on the Guardian website: Never mind the economic crisis. Focus for a moment on a more urgent threat: the great food recession that is sweeping the world faster than the credit crunch. You have probably … Continue reading

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