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Focus on McCain

We now know what the Republican strategy will be against Barack Obama. He will be tarred as an unpahttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.giftriotic man tied to terrorists (Ayers, Hamas), an Angry Black Man (Rev. Wright), and a liberal taxoholoic (Charlie Gibson’s capital gainst taxes, … Continue reading

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Several prominent journalists have signed an open letter denouncing ABC News for last week’s shameful conduct of the 21st Democratic debate. Among the signers are Eric Alterman, Ezra Klein and Joe Conason. Meanwhile, George Stephanopoulos claims to be “taken aback” … Continue reading

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The propagandists

I’m not sure how much of a bombshell it is that the military analysts paraded constantly on television in the lead up to, and during, the war in Iraq, were there to promote and propagandize the conflict. As far back … Continue reading

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Sorry, mainstream media…

Tomorrow’s the big day in PA. And apparently, hell has frozen over, because Richard Mellon Scaife — funder of the vast right wing conspiracy against Bill Clinton during the 1990s, has completely rolled over for Hillary. His Pittsburgh paper gave … Continue reading

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