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Thursday, May 22, 2008
The beauty contest
The media is buzzing over John McCain's plans to meet with Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindall, Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and former Mass. Gov. Mitt "The Hair" Romney at his ranch ... oh God, he has one, too...?

But here's why the meetings probably don't matter, unless they're actually a camouflage for just meeting with Mitt.

Jindal: too new, and too obvious a play for the minority visual vs. Obama. Can't you just see the 527 fliers from some right wing racist organization asking if Jindal is the REAL father of John McCain's adopted, brown daughter?

Crist: too liberal, in the eyes of many Republicans, McCain doesn't really need him to carry Florida, and let's keep it real, the gay rumors may have blown over in the sunshine state, but that dog won't hunt in other red states, where a handy flier touting the single guv's possibly alternative lifestyle will freak out the Christian right (especially the closeted ones.)

Romney, of course, is another matter. His father was god-like in Michigan, so the Romney name could help McCain poach that state. And Romney, because of his business and Olympic background, brings McCain the economic conversance that he himself clearly lacks. Downside: Romney comes across as a pompaded phony, and that's not exactly helpful to a campaign whose "straight talk express" is already running on the rails, pushed overboard by lobbyists, flip-flops and Mac's total incoherence on the Middle East.

So maybe the other two meetings are about solidifying those two semi-swing states (Louisiana and Florida) and a McCain pitch for Jindal and Crist to open up their fundraising files. Other than that, when it comes to running mates, don't hold your breath, at least not for those two.

Meanwhile, Hot Air asks, "what, no Huck?" and reports that of course, The Entourage (Traitor Joe and Miss Lindsey) will be there, too ... in case Mac needs a back rub. The missus is way to rich for that kind of thing.


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