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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Is West Virginia the dumbest state? Enquiring minds want to know...
My new homies at Constructive Anarchy answer the question of the week... (pictures included...) Meanwhile, as West Virginia's Mountaineers prepare to head to the polls to put down the rebellion by that skinny colored feller and his pointy-headed carpetbagger friends, and restore the South to her eternal glory, the world (sort of) watches and waits (okay, they're mostly watching and waiting on Barack Obama, since the primary is over for all intents and purposes and West Virginia doesn't matter...) but anyway, the state that was home to the first land battle of the Civil War (and the first Union death,) Harper's Ferry and King Coal, will soon show the world (those who actually give a crap, or who, like our dear pundit contrarian Rachel Maddow, insist that other people give a crap) what they're made of.

Need some West Virginia trivia to brighten your day? Here 'tis. And here's some political trivia, too. Would you believe Michael Dukakis won the state in 1988?


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