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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Where do they find these people?
Not forcing you to watch Hillary Clinton's speech again (assuming you did the first time around), but you've got to check it out for just a few minutes. When you do, watch the guy in the yellow shirt on the bottom right corner of your screen. You can't miss him. He's about the only Black guy in West Virginia the room. Maybe it's me, but does he look ... kind of high? He keeps rocking back and forward, and at one point, starts yelling Barack Obama's campaign theme ("yes we can! Yes we can!) And sorry, but he just looks out of place among Hillary's demographic of hard working white Americans. I'm thinking somebody on the advance team spotted this guy in the building, and gave him $20 bucks to stand within camera shot of Mrs. Clinton. Watch for yourself:

Just sayin...

Meanwhile, by staying in the race, is Hillary Clinton becoming the candidate of white racists? Or is she just the Al Sharpton of white people?


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