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The cuckold Congress

If the 109th Congress will go down in history as boot-licking hand maidens to a criminal White House, the 110th will go down as the most cowardly, utterly useless opposition body in U.S. history — the polar opposite of the … Continue reading

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House to consider slavery apology

Brace yourself for some ignorant, racist commentary online. The slavery apology issue is working its way through Congress. |

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Eight years younger

How far is Fox News willing to go to help John McCain become president? They’re now pulling a stunt that would make the Fidel Castro regime proud: actually de-aging the wizened Republican candidate by using video from his 2000 campaign. … Continue reading

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Arrest this man (already)

Another day, another reason to clap Karl Rove in leg irons. This one from the Brad Blog: Karl Rove has threatened a GOP high-tech guru and his wife, if he does not “‘take the fall’ for election fraud in Ohio,” … Continue reading

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Last stop; Downing Street

Obama with British P.M. Gordon Brown. From the Guardian. Barack Obama winds down his world tour in the U.K., where he shared a hot mic with Tory leader David Cameron, before holding a closed door meeting with embattled Labour P.M. … Continue reading

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When microphones attack

This is what it sounds like when George Bush gets picked up on a hot mic: When asked what led to the US housing market meltdown that threw the world’s economy into turmoil, Mr Bush said: “There’s no question about … Continue reading

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