Milbank correction watch: day 1.5

It’s been nearly a full day, and we’re still waiting for a correction from Dana Milbank, whose prissy, spurned media diva, spite-filled column calling the other guy (Barack Obama) imperial, has been debunked all over the web, from TIME Magazine to the Atlantic, by people who actually heard Barack Obama’s remarks to House Democrats. Tick … tick … tick … so far, Millbank’s column remains posted to the WaPo homepage, unchanged. (Curiously, Keith Olbermann gave Milbank a complete pass tonight. I was certain he’d at least make “Worst Persons,” instead he didn’t even get a mention…)

Milbank has been taking it on the chin pretty much all day today, from all quarters, and his portrayal of Obama as an uppity presidential wanna-be has taken off in winger world, despite its inherent falsehood, but so far Milbank hasn’t breathed a word, or more importantly, updated his column online.

What’s it gonna take, Dana? Just post the correction already!

Clearly, Milbank is guilty of, at minimum, seriously sloppy reporting for failing to confirm the quote with either the campaign, or a first hand witness. The less charitable take is that he went with a here-say quote, or worse, a deliberate distortion of a quote, in order to advance his theme and sex up his column. He’s only making matters worse by disappearing from view and letting the column stand. Compounding his errors are the Post’s editors, who are not only not correcting the record, they’re continuing to promote the piece on the homepage.

If you’re of a mind to complain, here’s where you can write the Washington Post:

Ombudsman Deborah Howell: or call 202-334-7582

Letters to the editor:



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