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John McCain’s unoriginal originals

CBS News’ Ryan Corsaro pisses off the right wing nutjobs by pointing out the many, many times John McCain violated the simple Rick Warren rule: don’t give me your stump speech. |

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Veepstakes: final countdown

Okay, it’s that time again. Barack Obama is expected to make his veep pick this week, while McCain is expected to make his pick on the Friday that closes the Democratic convention. So here are my prognostications, starting with five … Continue reading

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Pakistan does what Nancy Pelosi can’t

Pervez Musharraf heads off into the sunset, fleeing office before he can be impeached. Are you listening, Nancy? From the Beeb: Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, facing impeachment by parliament, has announced that he is resigning. In a national televised address … Continue reading

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The fake ‘cone of silence’ … plus: is John McCain embellishing his Vietnam stories for political gain?

Apparently, Pastor Rick Warren was surprised to learn that his pretend maverick guest, John McCain, wasn’t in a “cone of silence” after all while Barack Obama was taking questions at the Saddleback Church’s civil forum: The McCain campaign, which flew … Continue reading

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Condi Rice’s April Glaspie moment?

Meanwhile in the, “even Gregory couldn’t screw this one up” category, Stretch did manage to have an interesting exchange with “Russia expert” (ahem) Condi Rice on this week’s “Meet the Press.” The exchange revealed a bit more about what the … Continue reading

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Has anyone checked David Gregory’s car for a McCain ’08 bumper sticker?

Reinforcing why I would literally quit watching “Meet the Press” if he became the moderator, David “Stretch” Gregory, who has made a faux reputation as a tough Washington reporter while simultaneously serving as Dubya’s sweetheart, did an entire segment with … Continue reading

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