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You knew this was coming…

It’s not unexpected, but I still have yet to see a single ad telling voters why they should vote FOR John McCain… |

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This year’s swing states: Colorado, Ohio and Florida

Looking at the electoral map, which is always less satisfying, but more realistic, than looking at national polls, and eliminating the political white whales (state each party always says they can win, but probably can’t,) I get down to three … Continue reading

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Things that aren’t going to happen: Collin Powell as McCain v.p.

How desperate for attention is the McCain campaign? So desperate, they’re floating their own black guy (take that, liberal media…! Can somebody get Fournier on the line…? We’ve got fresh talking points for him…) (Politico) Retired Gen. Colin Powell is … Continue reading

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The Associated Press: the Fox News of wire services?

The Washington Monthly has the latest on the adventures of would-be McCain campaign staffer Ron Fournier, who happens to be the Washington Bureau chief for the Associated Press… The latest piece from Ron Fournier, the AP’s Washington bureau chief and … Continue reading

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