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Shameless self-promotion: Sky News Live in about an hour

I’m doing a segment about the election. If you’re not in the UK, you can find Sky News Live here.

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Whither Lieberman…

Joe Lieberman will meet with Maj. Leader Harry Reid this week to discuss his future in the Senate, and whether his disgraceful performance during the presidential election will cost him his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. … Continue reading

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How he did it

The Obama campaign won Florida with a combination of surging black turnout, significant improvement with Hispanics, and finally capturing the “white whale” of the Florida Democratic Party: the I-4 corridor… From the Miami Herald: Obama’s Florida victory over John McCain … Continue reading

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Change, and no change

For all my excitement about Barack Obama winning it all, and especially, winning Florida, I am disappointed that in Florida, we didn’t get all of the change we need. For one thing, all three South Florida Republican Congressional incumbents, Ileana … Continue reading

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Morning in America

Wow. I never thought an election could make you feel so good, even on no sleep. Some video clips for this morning. It all started with hope: And then amid adversity, yes we can: Election Day: Obama votes: President-elect Obama’s … Continue reading

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Yes, we can

What an extraordinary day in the life of America. Barack Obama wins, including Florida, Ohio, Colorado (by a comfortable margin), Nevada and even Indiana (Jackie was right!) and becomes our first black president. By the way, I got my Electoral … Continue reading

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