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What good would it do for Steele to lead the RNC?

He got a roar of approval both inside the convention hall and across Red America for his “drill baby, drill” chant, but former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael Steele would make an awkward — at best — choice to head the … Continue reading

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The Fam

My fabulous sister, June Carryl, doing her thing in Hollywood: June Carryl Demo Reel June’s web series pilot: And a little something from my baby bruh, Oren Lomena (aka Champion O’Brian L) and the Food Chain: And his day job … Continue reading

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The new heart of darkness

Barack Obama won 29 states in the November election, but he won something more important: he improved Democrats’ performance in all but 22 counties nationwide, among white voters, urban and suburban voters, Catholics, low income and high income voters, and … Continue reading

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Bush’s price for helping Detroit: more free trade

From the NYT this morning, a leak the president did not approve of: The struggling auto industry was thrust into the middle of a political standoff between the White House and Democrats on Monday as President-elect Barack Obama urged President … Continue reading

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Europe’s altogether different day

This day has a different significance across the pond, where the “war to end all wars” took place just outside the door: For Americans, Veterans Day celebrates the survivors of all the nation’s 20th and 21st century wars. In France … Continue reading

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IAVA launches ‘community of veterans’

Watch the PSA: Get more info here. If you’re a veteran of the Afghanistan or Iraq wars, click here to join.

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Happy Veterans Day!

To all our fighting men and women, who’ve served in wars present and past, in combat and not … thank you for your service and heroism, and my God bless you and your families. Whether or not you agree with … Continue reading

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Throw the bums in jail

AIG’s executives were scolded on Capitol Hill … and then they partied on, dude Did you hear the one about the credit default swap peddler / insurance giant who went in the toilet, got a huge bailout from Uncle Sam, … Continue reading

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