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Who knew? Benedict Arnold was from Connecticut, too!

Courtesy of an astute commentator at the Hartford Courant, this tantalizing bit of historic irony: Does anyone ask what the perception is of Connecticut voters by the rest of the country, given the behavior of the two persons representing us … Continue reading

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The ‘keep the air and water dirty forever’ gambit

The Wapo reports, the Bush administration is trying electioneering by other means: Just weeks before leaving office, the Interior Department’s top lawyer has shifted half a dozen key deputies — including two former political appointees who have been involved in … Continue reading

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Cheers in Barbados?

Attention all Caribbean massive: Eric Holder could become the first Caribbean-American attorney general (following on the heels of first CaribAm secretary of state, Jamaican-American Collin Powell.) Still, if Holder gets the post (which signs seem to indicate he will,) he … Continue reading

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I heart Hagel: beat the band edition

Chuck Hagel let’s it rip during a forum at the Johns Hopkins School of Advances International Studies, going after a choice few GOPers, including El Rushbo: “We are educated by the great entertainers like Rush Limbaugh,” said Hagel, sarcastically referencing … Continue reading

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The Gang of 42

55 Democratic Senators slipped into a private room in the Dirksen Office Building in Washington to decide the fate of Joseph Lieberman today; 42 of them voted to tuck in their tails and accede to his blackmail. We don’t know … Continue reading

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The arrogance of Joe Lieberman

Check out this post-cave press conference today, and note how 1) Lieberman defies Harry Reid’s statement to the reporters that Lieberman will not be speaking, 2) Lieberman emphasizes that he will be the chairman of the Homeland Security and Government … Continue reading

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Joe vs. the rainbow

The ephemeral power of the Senate leadership was revealed as the colorful vapor it is today. Joe Lieberman didn’t just survive a vote on his future in the Senate leadership, he mopped up the withering opposition to him, including cowing … Continue reading

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The Niggers of 940

How many times can you say “nigger” on talk radio without attracting the attention of the FCC? That was the question Don Imus tackled this morning on his resuscitated program, broadcast from WABC in New York to affiliates far and … Continue reading

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Blame the blue collar guy

Have you noticed the concerted effort, on talk radio, in the Wall Street Journal, and on the political right, to blame the Big Three auto makers’ woes, not on the management whose bloated salaries and bad decisions helped get their … Continue reading

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The Democratic wimp machine

Just when you stopped fretting that Democrats were p***ies, the Senate leadership strikes again. Word on the street is that Joe “The Traitor” Lieberman will keep his Homeland Security committee chairmanship in that secret ballot tomorrow, sending the unmistakable message … Continue reading

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