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Thursday, November 06, 2008
So here we go. The Obama era begins. And the cabinet is starting to take shape:

Rahm Emanuel has accepted the chief of staff job, just like he did on the West Wing...

The lovable Robert Gibbs will be White House press secretary.

It will be interesting to see where the Davids (Axelrod and Plouffe) wind up, and whether senior campaign ops like Steve Hildebrand (who was with us here in Miami at the end) and whether Patrick Gaspard goes to Washington or back to SEIU. On the Florida side, It will be interesting to see what happens next for Steve Schale, who ran a successful statewide campaign and is now officially a rock star of the Democratic party, and Mark Bubrisky, who led the communications team. The Florida campaign turned out to be highly effective, with a stunning get out the vote effort both in terms of early vote, and on election day. And the campaign's strong performance in the previously impenetrable Tampa/I-4 area, shut critics like me up quickly.

Other potential Obama picks are getting lots of ink, including speculation on which Chicago FOB's (friends of Barack) will get top jobs (Valerie Jarret, a close Obama family friend, will be on the transition team.)

Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense? I'd (heart) it. But Obama could also keep the current man, Robert Gates.

Former Harvard President Larry Summers at Treasury? The left hates it, for many reasons. He's no Keynsian, and most on the left believe a Keynsian, not a "flat-earth," globalism guy, which Summers is, is what we need. (More FDR, less Reagan. Thom Hartmann has articulated the best case on this.)) But the Harvard connection could prove decisive. Obama knows Summers well. And he doesn't come from Wall Street or the financial world, like other mentions like John Corzine (a former investment banker) or even super-investor Warren Buffett. In short, he has a more than good shot at the job.

RFKJ for EPA? Could be (and would be great).


UPDATE: Axelrod will be senior White House adviser.

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