Joe the welfare queen

For “Joe the Plumber,” it’s Social Security: no. Welfare: hell yes!

He doesn’t want no damned Social Security. Nope, Samuel Joseph “Not Actually a Plumber” Wurzelbacher will take his government dole before he’s all old and wrinkly and retired, thank you very much. Via Crooks and Liars and the suddenly interesting Alan Colmes:

Colmes: Do you really doubt that Barack Obama’s loyalty to the United States?

Plumber: Ah…to a Democracy “yes,” I mean, right back to the, as far as the Socialism issues, spreading the wealth around. I mean, Alan that is right out of Karl Marx…..Webster dictionary…government health care…

Colmes: You don’t think he’s loyal to our country?

Plumber Joe: To democracy? He’s proposing a lot of changes that could change the core of America, don’t you think?

Plumber Joe: Was it patriotic for Joe Biden to say “take my money and give it to other people? That’s patriotism?

Colmes: Well, let me ask, you were on welfare once, was that taking somebodies else’s money and giving it to you?

Plumber Joe: Paid into welfare. It something to be used, not to be abused like it often is.

Here’s the video:

And there’s more: Now, it seems, our favorite welfare recipient/non-plumber/country music legend in the making is forming his own “watchdog group,” to hold President Obama accountable. That’ll do, Joe. That’ll do. (Oh, and “Joe’s” cool new website for his exciting new venture will also promote his new book! … which should be a nice stocking stuffer for Dittoheads everywhere (but psst! Get a ghost writer, Joe! Your command of the English language leaves something to be desired…)

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