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Monday, November 03, 2008
Pray for Barack Obama
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The Senator's beloved grandmother passed today, just one day shy of seeing her grandson, whom she raised, elected president.

UPDATE: Sen. Obama commented on his grandmother's passing:
No matter what happens tomorrow, I'm going to feel good about how it has
turned out because all of you have created this remarkable campaign. She is gone
home. And she died peacefully in her sleep, with my sister at her side. And so,
there is great joy as well as tears. I'm not going to talk about it too long
because it is hard, a little, to talk about.

I want everybody to know though a little bit about her. Her name was
Madelyn Dunham. And she was born in Kansas in a small town in 1922. Which means
she lived through the Great Depression, she lived through two world wars, she
watched her husband go off to war, while she looked after her baby and worked on
a bomber assembly line. When her husband came back they benefited from the GI
bill, they moved west and eventually ended up in Hawaii.
She was somebody who
was a very humble person, a very plainspoken person. She is one of those quiet
heroes we have all across America, who are not famous, their names are not in
the newspapers, but each and every day they work hard. They look after their
families. They sacrifice for their children, and their grandchildren. They
aren't seeking the limelight. All they try to do is do the right thing. And in
this crowd, there are a lot of quiet heroes like that, people like that, mothers
and fathers and grandparents who have worked hard and sacrificed all their lives
and the satisfaction that they get is in seeing their children or maybe their
grandchildren or their great-grandchildren live a better life than they did.
That is what America is about. That is what we are fighting for.

And while she won't live to see her grandson become president, she did live long enough to vote for him. And it will count.

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