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Calendar girl

What’s the perfect gift for horny/creepy conservatives everywhere? The Sarah Palin calendar! Only $15.95, just in time for Hanukkah Kwanzaa winter soltice Ramadan Christmas!!! (Heavy on the “Christ” please…) Yup. Got it right from the fine folks at Human Events … Continue reading

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Whistling Dixie

Politico last week noticed something that my husband and I kicked around the other night. So far, Barack Obama has named lots of people: black people, white people (Hillary people…) lots of Senate people, governors, Westerners, lots of Chicagoans, New … Continue reading

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Detroit’s solution: get … bigger?

The WSJ reports, but GM denies … that the country’s largest automaker will merge with one of its most troubled. Per ABC News: The White House described the condition of the country’s carmakers today as “fragile,” as negotiators struggled to … Continue reading

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The other Madoffs

While Bernie Madoff is chilling in his $7 million Manhattan penthouse under “arrest,” and his wife is being looked as for possible crimes of her own, Madoff’s two sons, Mark and Andrew, are emerging as heroes, of sorts, in this … Continue reading

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That’s the good news?

Okay, I’m getting sick of “Morning Joe.” Between Joe’s water carrying for the RNC, Mika’s unintelligible babble and kissing up to the right, and that annoying Coutney Hazlett (why anyone would take her opinion that Clint Eastwood isn’t a good … Continue reading

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Now that Dick Cheney has admitted to war crimes…

Can we prosecute the bastard at long last? I mean, he admitted to approving torture on television, without even being … waterboarded… Meanwhile, is terrorism training from the Bush administration a good thing, or a bad thing, for the incoming … Continue reading

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The Ball game

If you plan to be in D.C. (and yes, I do…) the mega-events will be … well… mega, at the inauguration. There are also a bunch of unofficial events and parties, which you can find here. And of course, the … Continue reading

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PFAW not pleased with Warren

People for the American Way issues a statement of displeasure regarding Rick Warren’s participation in the inaugural. It reads in part: Pastor Warren, while enjoying a reputation as a moderate based on his affable personality and his church’s engagement on … Continue reading

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Harold Meyerson explains it all

The WaPo columnist offers the most comprehensive, succinct explanation of why Republicans hate unions (and by inference, the middle class) this side of Thom Hartmann. To whit: … by the early 1950s, the UAW had secured a number of contractual … Continue reading

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A ‘better class of people’

A top aide to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg pushes hard for Caroline to be the next junior Senator from New York, and that’s ruffling feathers among the non-upper crust (rather than just among Clintonistas, like before…) leading one assemblyman … Continue reading

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