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Hang on … Rush Limbaugh is Levi Johnston’s mama???

Well … she doesn’t look much like Limbaugh … maybe with different lighting? In this episode of “The Wasila Hillbillies” … The f***in redneck’s mama goes down on account of: “Hillbilly heroine…” WASILLA, Alaska — Wasilla resident Sherry L. Johnston, … Continue reading

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And I am telling you…

He’s not going! Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

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In the end

Dana Milbank turns off the snark for a change, and paints a rather sad portrait of our out-going president: Slowly, painfully, self-awareness has come to George W. Bush. “Turns out this isn’t one of these presidencies where you ride off … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Mark Felt

The man who brought down Nixon died today at age 95.

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Baby daddy’s mama drama

Levi and Bristol are expecting their baby tomorrow. But will hismama make bail in time for the delivery? So … how’s that wedding planning coming along, Bristol? You weren’t … planning to have the f***in’ rednecks’ mama in the ceremony … Continue reading

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How to (almost) bust a union

The White House plan to use $17 billion in TARP funds to provide short-term loans to automakers was greeting with cheers on Capitol Hill, and in the boardrooms of General Motors and Chrysler, the two companies who will split the … Continue reading

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