Daily Archives: December 22, 2008

Cheney and the football

Dick Cheney works on his own legacy tour, with an exit interview with Chris Wallace that features an interesting discussion of the president’s powers, and a certain “football“: Cheney defended the administration’s aggressive prosecution of the War on Terror, which … Continue reading

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Is it just me…

… or does “Meet the Press” with David Gregory suck? That softball interview with Condi Rice today was a low point for the show. Meanwhile, on the other side of the low-end of the dial, George Stephanopoulos, the onetime political … Continue reading

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At last, some sanity on the Rick Warren issue

I’ve been struggling with writing an op-ed on the whole dust-up over Barack Obama inviting Pastor Rick Warren (the proverbial “chicken soup” for the soul-filled) to do the invocation at his swearing in. The trick: how to write that the … Continue reading

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