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Redrum? GOP IT guru’s crash death ‘timely’

From RawStory, and slowly leaking into the “regular media,” could it be a classic case of “die before you testify…?” The death of Republican “IT guru” Mike Connell last Friday in a fiery plane crash has been the subject of … Continue reading

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Much ado about nothing

The Obama team releases the Blago report, and predictably, there’s not much news in it (sorry, Fox News…) The report was put together by attorney Greg Craig following Blagojevich’s arrest for allegedly engaging in a scheme to sell the vacant … Continue reading

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On second thought … Joe Lowry’s not for gay marriage either

Don’t call it a flip-flop, apparently the MSM got this one wrong. I also erred, reporting in this post, that unlike Pastor Rick Warren, the Rev. Joe Lowry, who will give the benediction at Barack Obama’s swearing in, is a … Continue reading

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