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Newt gets something right

Newt Gingrich throws some kernels of truth into his latest Human Events column: Taking President Obama At His Word by Newt Gingrich Presidential inaugurals are one of last aspects of our national politics that are genuinely welcoming of the American … Continue reading

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Bush panned on the right for leaving Libby hanging

Add the neocon defenders of outing CIA agents to the list of people who can’t stand former President Bush: Former Vice President Dick Cheney disagreed publicly with his boss just four times in the eight years they served together. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Something I haven’t heard before

… or at least not since Jimmy Carter: an American president expressing sympathy for the Palestinians, and sorrow for the loss of Palestinian civilian lives. President Obama just did exactly that during his address regarding the selection of George Mitchell … Continue reading

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Target: Media. Extent of Bush spying revealed

An NSA whistleblower reveals what some of us suspected all along: the Bush administration was eavesdropping on members of the media. And they were doing it 24-7, 365 days a year, sweeping up all of their converstions, emails, texts and … Continue reading

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Obama’s Big First Day

President Obama gets to work early, and gets to work. Among the news today: An executive order mandating the closure of the notorious Guantanamo Bay gulag within 12 months, along with George Bush’s disgraceful network of secret CIA prisons and … Continue reading

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