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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
Inaugural headaches
No, I'm not caught up on blogging. But I am caught up on the nightmare that is preparing to go to the Obama inaugural. Not that I'm not happy for the brother, and insanely relieved that he's going to be president (Bush can't get out of town soon enough for me, no matter what great comedy relief he provides...) and not that I'm not completely enraptured by the fact that we're about to make history by rather matter of factly inaugurating our first black president ...

But here's the thing: the process of credentialing media for the multi-day, multi-part event has been, to put it in lay terms, PURE HELL.

First, we had to submit multiple pictures, each one more ghastly and mug shot-like than the last.

Then, we had to wait, and wait, and wait, to find out if we were even getting credentials.

Now, we find out that yeah, we have credentials, but only sort of. I'm going to be broadcasting from radio row on Tuesday, for Hot 105 Miami/FTL. Other than that? Bupkis. I have tickets to the swearing in, but beyong that? Who knows. It turns out that each individual event, and I do mean each ... requires its very own press credential. In short, media will have to walk around with like, a dozen different color credentials around our necks, or else.

I'm not sure whether to blame the capitol police, the Secret Service (whom I've always found to be lovely people, by the way, during my several dealings with Obamaworld) or the Presidential Inaugural Committee... you know? I'm going with them. This process is extremely frustrating and random.

And it's going to be freezing in D.C.

And my kids are going to be miserable...

Not that I'm not ecstatic to be going...

We hit the road on the 17th.

If you're going, here's the official schedule.

Here is the Big Ball & Party List... and here's where to party without an invite (myself included)

and check out the Washingtonian's guide to D.C. during the big week.

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