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Do you find this offensive?

Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post today ran this cartoon marrying the Travis the Chimp saga with the debate over President Obama’s economic recovery plan. Take a look: Mm-hm. In case you’re having trouble reading it, the cop behind the one … Continue reading

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The jig is up

It was a clever play by Blago on his way out the door, and Roland Burris won his showdown with Harry Reid, but now? Well, now, it’s not looking good for ole Roland. The Chicago Tribune is calling for his … Continue reading

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Home plan incoming

The Obama homeowner plan will be unveiled today. Per the leaks, it’s likely to contain substantial help for homeowners in trouble, which is great news for the economy (and the banks that got them there…) Says the WaPo: President Obama … Continue reading

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Morning starters: Robin Thicke

This isn’t a new song, but it’s one of Robin Thicke’s best. A great way to start the morning (and he’s as cute as can be, even though he really does look eerily like his father Alan…) Enjoy!

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When Travis attacks: the 911 call

Connecticut authorities have released the 911 call in the Travis the chimp human attack. According to the NYDN: The 15-minute recording captures the bizarre horror of Monday’s attack, which left a 55-year-old woman critically injured and the 200-pound ape dead … Continue reading

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The Brandan Neely reader

The former Gitmo guard tells all about his time at the gulag, and clears his conscience on the Rachel Maddow show. Read his testimony here.

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Finally! The Melinda Doolittle debut

The best vocal talent that “Idol” has produced (besides JHud) finally drops her album! A criticized Youtuber posts a cut … And now some things you didn’t know (Jack Bauer alert!)

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Assigning blame

TIME ranks the 25 most blameworthy people when it comes to the mortgage meltdown. (Hint: Phil Gramm, Alan Greenspan and the guy who founded Countrywide might not want to click here.)

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Dubya to Dick: bug off!

More evidence that Dubya was dumb, but not that dumb… In the waning days of the Bush administration, Vice President Dick Cheney launched a last-ditch campaign to persuade his boss to pardon Lewis (Scooter) Libby – and was furious when … Continue reading

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The literal definition of ‘going ape-sh*t’

Message: don’t have a chimp in the house. No seriously, DON’T HAVE A CHIMP IN THE HOUSE!!!! Aged 14, and weighing a formidable 200 pounds, Travis had been brought up to all intents and purposes a human. His owner, Sandra … Continue reading

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