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Chris Matthews ain’t d**kin around!

Every so often, Chris Matthews gets Philly with it. Like today, for instance, when during the 5 p.m. iteration of “Hardball,” in an interview with Howard Dean, Chris expressed his frustration with America’s inability to get universal healthcare done. CHRIS: … Continue reading

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Afternoon roundup: Steele stupid, Utah common sense, and Sully took a pay cut???

A bit of news for your afternoon enjoyment … or not… Michael Steele is at it again. The RNC chair (and officially the dumbest man in America,) has issued a threat to any elected Republican who would dare cooperate with … Continue reading

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What the Fox!!? Rupert Murdoch … (gulp) … apologizes

I guess if you want something done right … argh… you’ve got to do it yourself. Rupert Murdoch has personally apologized for that dead chimp cartoon. From today’s New York Post: As the Chairman of the New York Post, I … Continue reading

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The ‘look, we’ve got a brown guy, too!’ strategy

Whether it’s Michael “Bling Bling” Steele or Ken Blackwell or, for a moment at least, Sideshow Mel Martinez, the GOP is desperate to prove that brown people can be Republicans, too. The latest lone chip in the cookie: conservative superstar … Continue reading

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The other Obama poll

A new ABC/WaPo poll puts the president’s approval rating at 68 percent. The GOP? Not so much. Compared, the approval ratings fall this way: President Obama – 68%Democrats in Congress – 50Republicans in Congress – 38 (wah wah waaaaahhhhh….) And … Continue reading

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TDP: Bibi ‘every bit as radical as Hamas’

The Daily Beast posts a scary piece by Reza Aslan. It concludes: The true threat to peace in the region, and, consequently, to Israel’s future, comes from the prime minister himself, who, as recently as last month, declared his intention … Continue reading

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The next fight: the Dem spending bill

$410 billion and this: Apart from spending, the legislation provides Democrats in Congress and Obama an opportunity to reverse Bush-era policy on selected issues. It loosens restrictions on travel to Cuba, as well as the sale of food and medicine … Continue reading

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The new adventures of ‘Ordinary George’

A great story of the post-presidential life of George W. Who? From the Independent: How fast they fade. Poor George W Bush decided that an unannounced visit to a Dallas hardware shop at the weekend would be a fun way … Continue reading

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Binyam goes home

The return of a Binyam Mohamed, a four-year Gitmo detainee, to Great Britain raises new questions about the Bush-era “war on terror,” and the complicity of the U.K. in what are by all accounts illegal detentions in an American gulag. … Continue reading

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Santelli’s scared… or: some revolutionary HE turned out to be

Um … who could possibly be afraid of Robert Gibbs? Answer: Rick Santelli, the Bourgeois Baron himself, and would-be leader of the Chicago Tea Party. Now, our friendly neighborhood “real American” Wall Street capitalist says he’s terrified … terrified, I … Continue reading

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