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Bobby Jindal and the perils of excessive folksiness

Jindal’s folksy response to Obama, in which he calls himself a “pre-existing condition.” I know everyone wants to talk about President Obama’s powerful performance last night in his non-SOTU SOTU address, but sorry, I just can’t get Bobby Jindal’s response … Continue reading

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From the wilderness: Bill Kristol

Poor Bill Kristol. Having embarrassed himself as an error-prone New York Times columnist, he’s now reduced to doing his schtick on Fox News and posting snipey blogs on the WaPo. His beef with Obama? He didn’t mention Kristol’s favorite subject … Continue reading

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The federal dole: the common denominator in GOP stim opposition

Let’s see… our folksy friend Bobby Jindal doesn’t want the stimulus money … nor does the equally folksy Sarah Palin of Alaska, Mark Sanford of South Carolina, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Sonny Perdue of Georgia, and … Continue reading

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Bobby Jindal lays an egg

He looked shell shocked. He spoke in a monotonous, hokey voice, that reminded me of one of those old fashioned “Your body and you” films we were forced to watch in seventh grade. And that accent! I mean, the guy … Continue reading

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Obama brings on the hope

President Obama’s address to Congress and the American people tonight is being described as Reaganesque. I think it was more FDR than Reagan, but there you go. He made clear the challenges we face (the “day of reckoning” part.) but … Continue reading

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Obama speech preview: the day of reckoning

From the White House press office: excerpts of President Obama’s speech tonight: We have lived through an era where too often, short-term gains were prized over long-term prosperity; where we failed to look beyond the next payment, the next quarter, … Continue reading

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Schumer to Jindal and Company: take it or leave it

The stimulus package is not an a la carte buffet, Bobby Jindal. Chuck Schumer informs the GOPers that if they don’t want all of the money, they needn’t take any of the money. By the way, a Youtube commenter asks … Continue reading

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A new life for the ‘Slumdog’ kids

From the London Daily Mail: The poverty stricken child stars of Slumdog Millionaire are set to be property tycoons after being promised new homes by the film’s Oscar winning director Danny Boyle and by Mumbai officials. Boyle and producer Christian … Continue reading

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