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Do you know Bobby Jindal?

The Daily Beast delves into the background of the GOP’s Brown Guy Rising (hokey, Barney Fife speech the other day notwithstanding…) … as the country gets acquainted with the Bayou’s boy wonder, the stranger details of Jindal’s religious or personal … Continue reading

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Chris Matthews smackdown of the day

He hammers a hapless Republican (California Rep. Darrell Issa) for the idiotic, perennial put down of referring to the “Democrat Party.” Transcript: Issa: “What’s scarier, though, President Obama proposed that these budgets — these deficits created under a Democrat Congress, … Continue reading

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When your biggest star is Joe the Plumber…

I didn’t write much about the CPAC conference today because … well … it’s so darned irrelevant. What’s to say about a hotel ballroom full of right wing zealots, angry white guys, gun nuts, neocon leftovers and … Joe the … Continue reading

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Punkdified: Rick Santelli blames his wife for fearing Robert Gibbs

The former derivatives trader, who Gibbs pointed out, probably doesn’t live anywhere near the “losers” who are going under after losing their jobs and homes, is what many wealthy Wall Street wags are: a punk who’s better at sniping on … Continue reading

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Obama’s budget: winners and loses

Politico breaks it down. My favorite “loser”? George W. Bush While Obama’s proposed budget will hit Bush hard in the wallet, just like other wealthy Americans, the main blow may be aimed at his reputation. The 134-page spending plan opens … Continue reading

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