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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Post employees distance themselves from the monkey cartoon
From the Huffpo:
On Wednesday, an employee of the paper told the Huffington Post that the phone lines had been inundated with complaints over what was interpreted as a racially charged jab at Obama. "As they f--king should be," said the source.

Today, meanwhile, the Post's Associate Editor, Sandra Guzman, sent out an email to other reporters distancing herself from the paper's cartoon and acknowledging that she has talked to management about her disapproval.

"Thank you for your feedback," reads the email. "Please know that I had nothing to do with the Sean Delonas cartoon. I neither commissioned or approved it. I saw it in the paper yesterday with the rest of the world. And, I have raised my objections to management. --Sandra Guzman."

Meanwhile, Robert Gibbs doesn't spend much time reading the New York Post??? Well what the hell is he doing all day, then?

Al Sharpton led a protest today (of course he did!) and is calling for a boycott of the Murdochian paper.

And the cartoonist, Sean Delonas' website is temporarily down. I suppose it does take time, pulling down all of one's previously offensive cartoons, doesn't it...

Oh, and before the wingers fall too hard for Sean, you might want to check out this one.


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