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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Rick Santelli leads the bourgeois revolution
CNBC's Rick Santelli -- the wingers' new star -- decries mortgage help for 'losers' and leads a mini revolt on the floor of the Chicago mercantile exchange:

Throw open the debtors prisons, why don't ya! And orphanages! What's wrong with orphanages??? You know, I'd be interested to get Rick's views on bailing out the "losers" at the Wall Street banks, since they're the ones who tanked the economy last time I checked.

UPDATE: Santelli last April on the prospect of bailing out Bear Stearns:
If this is how the U.S. government is going to operate in a democratic, free-market society, we might as well put a hammer and sickle on the flag.

Well, at least he's consistent.

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