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Thursday, March 12, 2009
Stewart vs. Cramer: Jim got served
Where to begin ... If I'm Jim Cramer, I'm asking Tucker Carlson what it's like the day after Jon Stewart renders your show ridiculous and you wind up unemployed. Comedy Central hasn't posted the video yet Finally posts the video. BTW their site has slowed to a crawl... Wall Street hackers anyone??? Here it is

Part one:

Parts two (in which Stewart declares, "we're both snake oil salesman...")

and part three (who do you work for, Cramer? The traders? Or the Public?)

I can't wait to see what MSNBC does with this tomorrow. They can hardly ignore it, but CNBC is the sister station... And may I add, is it a good thing, or a really embarrassing thing for journalism that Jon Stewart is the best interviewer in the game?

BTW, Cramer can't say he wasn't warned:

Cramer thinks having a few extra spotlights on him are great. Just wait until he wakes up Friday morning, shuffles off to the bathroom, and sees Octomom staring back at him in the mirror.

He doesn't get it. When Rick Santelli bowed out of his appearance on The Daily Show -- leaving the show with little to do but go on its rant against CNBC's biggest blunders -- he knew what was coming. The hero worship would end once Stewart exposed Santelli's speculative underbelly.

Cramer doesn't seem to realize he's RSVP'ing to his own crucifixion.

(From earlier in the day Thursday. And still true 'round midnight...)

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