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Dems fire the first shot at Charlie

Charlie Crist isn’t even officially running for Senate yet (okay, yeah, we all know that lady he’s married to ain’t staying in Tallahassee, so he’s running…) but the DSCC is already attacking him for allegedly bailing on the state when … Continue reading

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Re-edit watch: the DSCC’s wrecking ball ad

The DSCC’s heart was in the right place when it produced this “wrecking ball” ad attacking Republican Senators. But note which Senator they highlighted as “voting against a bill to help struggling homeowners…” Re-edit!!!

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The first 100 days: So far, so good

It’s almost obligatory that everyone comment on the president’s first 100 days in office, so here goes. I agree with Joe Klein that so far, President Obama has done an admirable job, and set himself on a course to be … Continue reading

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Let my wingers go

In case you missed it, the New Yorker’s Hendrik Herzberg makes the case for secession: For the old country, the benefits would be obvious. A more intimately sized Congress would briskly enact sensible gun control, universal health insurance, and ample … Continue reading

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The Club for Shrinkage: Olympia Snowe schools the GOP

In a NYT op-ed today, Sen. Olympia Snowe, one of just two remaining Northeastern Republicans in the Senate, makes it plain: the Republican Party is shrinking away to nothingness: It is true that being a Republican moderate sometimes feels like … Continue reading

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Video funnies: Rick Sanchez vs. Jim DeMint

DeMint’s Party of Freedom leaves Sanchez laughing:

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They call him … Benedict Arlen

The right reacts to Arlen Specter’s return to the Democratic Party, and his harsh rebuke of their drive for conservative purity. Some gems: Michael Steele whines: he didn’t even call me! … and the now two-time loser RNC chair (after … Continue reading

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