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Wednesday, April 01, 2009
Cop who kept NFL player from his dying mother-in-law resigns
He's being called "the most hated man in Dallas," and now, he's also unemployed:
Dallas Police Officer Robert Powell, who delayed NFL player Ryan Moats and his wife from the hospital bedside of a dying relative, has resigned.

Powell handed in his resignation to Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle Wednesday morning. Click here to read it.

Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert calls the decision a good solution to the issue. "What we've seen in the last week or so is not what we want to come out of the city of Dallas," he said.

Powell's attorney released a statement from the officer. It says:

"With a heavy heart and great sadness, I resigned from the Dallas Police Department this morning. I made this decision in the hope that my resignation will allow the Dallas Police Department, my fellow officers, and the citizens of Dallas to better reflect on this experience, learn from the mistakes made, and move forward. I still hope to speak with the Moats family to personally express my deep regret, sympathy, and to apologize for my poor judgment and unprofessional conduct. I also want to apologize to my fellow officers. I have sincere respect and admiration for the men and women of the Dallas Police Department and the work they perform daily, and I wish them well."
Powell's attorneys say he was "screwed" by the department, which they say shouldn't have released his photo, and that the chief was going to fire him anyway:
"We definitely got the impression that Chief Kunkle had already made the decision, and he was going to fire Officer Powell no matter what," said Chris Livingston, one of Powell's attorneys. "The appeal process would have played out. But that's many months down the road."

"Let's face it," said Bob Gorsky, another one of Powell's attorneys. "They threw him under the bus."
Watch an interview with former Officer Robert Powell on the CBS affiliate in Dallas here, in which he repeatedly apologizes and says several times "it was my mistake," but appears to blame his "training" for the incident. Powell also admits that he was "terrified" of getting fired because he has two young children at home. So much for that. And in case you don't remember the incident, here's the short version:

Full dashcam video here and here.

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