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Wednesday, April 08, 2009
Levi tells his side of the story
Is the "f-in redneck" becoming the good guy in this family drama or what? Spurned Alaska teen says Sarah Palin's family thinks he's not good enough for Bristol, the media is misrepresenting his family as "white trash" and the campaign ruined their relationship. The CBS Early Show got the interview, after Miss Tyra did, of course:

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You've really got to feel sorry for him and Bristol. Her mom really put them in the shizznit. And no, I don't believe Sarah if she's saying Levi didn't sleep under her roof with her daughter. Try another one, hun. BTW Levi says he'll either become an electrician or an actor/model. Hey, he's definitely got a brighter future than "Joe the Plumber" -- at least his family members really are electricians.

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