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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Where are they now? Louis Freeh
Bill Clinton's onetime FBI director, who famously threw his former boss under the bus over 9/11, which by the way, he owned the domestic lead-up on from 1993 when the first WTC attack happened, right through 2001 when the second one did, including all the missed opportunities to track the alleged suspects in this country ... has a new job: he's the lawyer to the Bush family's best pals, the Saudi royal family, specifically, our terrorist financing, oil price fixing pal, Prince "Bandar Bush" Bin Sultan. I caught part of his act on "Frontline" tonight, as he defended the apparent routine, multi-billion dollar bribery of his client by British arms dealer BAE. Nice work if you can get it. Catch the complete Frontline episode here. From a related LATimes story:

Former FBI Director Louis J. Freeh says $2 billion that flowed from a British arms manufacturer to U.S. bank accounts controlled by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, then Saudi ambassador to the U.S., was not a bribe, but was instead part of a complex barter involving the exchange of Saudi oil for British fighter jets.

The transfer of funds to accounts at Riggs Bank in Washington, D.C., has come under scrutiny as the Justice Department continues an international corruption investigation involving British arms manufacturer BAE Systems. Freeh, who is now a lawyer and consultant for Bandar, made his comments to the Public Broadcasting Service for a “Frontline” documentary to be broadcast this evening. Bandar is now a national security advisor to the Saudi king. He has denied any wrongdoing, as have other Saudi officials.

Freeh said that a 1985 treaty between Britain and Saudi Arabia allowed the trade of oil for weapons. BAE signed an $86-billion contract with the Saudis under the provisions of the treaty, and the funds that flowed between Britain and the Bandar-controlled bank accounts in the U.S. may have come from the sale of Saudi oil under the terms of the contract. As part of the deal, BAE also supplied an Airbus 340 plane, which for years has been used by Bandar.

By Bandar, we're talking "Bandar Bush," seen here in a previous "Frontline" interview defending a wee bit of corruption:

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