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A media rarity: questioning torture for war

There are exactly FOUR TV/cable reporters covering the torture for war bombshell, and all four of them are on MSNBC: Here’s one of them: David Shuster: The others are Chris Matthews, who is interviewing former NBC investigative producer David Windrem … Continue reading

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The next time Dick Cheney does an interview…

I hope someone will ask him about the emerging evidence that despite his increasingly desperate attempts to shape history, the Bush-Cheney torture program was not about protecting Americans from an imminent “ticking time bomb” attack — but rather was a … Continue reading

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The passion of the Crist

The Republican Party is in a sure-fire pickle. They can’t stand moderates — really they can’t – but the available evidence for the last two election cycles suggests they can’t get their preferred candidates (namely, anti-taxation, pro-corporate, illegal immigrant hunters … Continue reading

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Carrie Prejean to guest host "Fox and Friends"

I told you so … here’s the story. Miss California, Carrie Prejean, tossed around in the battle over gay marriage, will be a one-day guest host for Fox News Channel’s popular morning show Fox & Friends, Whispers learns. She will … Continue reading

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The RedState crazy train finally makes a stop in Florida

So… the guys over at RedState (when they’re not desperately Googling for proof that Barack Obama is not really an American citizen, or stockpiling guns inside their moms’ garages…) have launched a war … against Republicans. Specifically, they’re going to … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney’s torture for war program

The most damning paragraphs from former Colin Powell deputy Lawrence Wilkerson’s exclusive post on TWN: My investigations have revealed to me–vividly and clearly–that once the Abu Ghraib photographs were made public in the Spring of 2004, the CIA, its contractors, … Continue reading

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