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Is Team Obama getting tough with Israel?

Signs point to yes, at least on the issue of settlements… and this time, Bibi Netanyahu and his Likudniks are getting considerably less cover from Congress.

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Limbaugh attacks Cornyn, calls Native Americans ‘clowns’

And this is the guy worried about a “racist” getting onto the Supreme Court? Rush Limbaugh, famous for his positive attitude toward ethnic minorities, has done it again. His attack on John Cornyn, whose conservative credentials he questioned today, was … Continue reading

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Remainders: Tom Tancredo’s bad company, and the increasingly crazy right

Apparently Tom Tancredo, who Migra Matters accuses of having been too mentally unstable to serve during Vietnam (ouch!) and who apparently lives in fear of a “Latino KKK,” gets flagged by of all people, Little Green Footballs, for continuing to … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney: lonely, paranoid, frightened, ‘reptilian’

Damn, that’s gotta sting.

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Countering the oppression of the white man

The right’s self-sabotage just won’t end. Also from Salon: RedState’s editor, Erick Erickson, felt compelled to stand up for white men on Wednesday. “I dunno, Sotomayor,” he wrote on Twitter. “Considering white males engineered Western Civ, you’d think they’d have … Continue reading

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Whither the Republican Senators on Sotomayor?

Here’s a brief look at the Republican 40-40 club (with 2010 election info courtesy of Electoral-Vote.com and demographic data from StateMaster.com.) Specifically, take a look at where the “hope to be re-elected” stand, so far, on Judge Sotomayor. Those running … Continue reading

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Judge Sonia: She’s no Clarence Thomas

Joe Conasan takes the lash to the Sotomayor opposition over at Salon, describing the right’s unpleasant experience with choosing a Justice simply because of the color of his skin, rather than the content of his intellect: … why do some … Continue reading

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Cutié vs. the Catholics: a tale of twho churches

Cutié and his girlfriend, Ruhama Buni Canellis, plan to marry. Father Alberto Cutié has left the Catholic Church, and plans to marry, prompting a mini-cat fight between the Catholic and Episcopalian leaders in Miami. Per the Herald: The Rev. Alberto … Continue reading

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