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Monday, May 11, 2009
Father Cutié's confession
He talks about falling in love, celibacy (he says it's a good thing, but should probably be optional) and getting caught by paparazzi on "The Early Show." Here's the link. I had to take out the embed because CBS hasn't figured out that it's probably better to start their videos out on pause... less annoying that way...

Meanwhile, a weekend poll shows most of the priest's parishioners oppose the idea of priests having to be celibate:
Nearly 80 percent of those polled had a favorable view of Cutié, with 10 percent saying they looked at him unfavorably.

A majority also thought the Church acted prudently when it suspended Cutié from his duties at his parish -- St. Francis de Sales on Miami Beach. Cutié has said he asked for time off for meditation.

Of those polled, 57 percent thought the Archdiocese did the right thing, while 33 percent thought it made the wrong decision.

Cutié, in an interview Monday on CBS' The Early Show, said he's still deciding whether he'll remain in the church.

Among the poll's findings:

A substantial majority -- 74 percent -- of those surveyed, including Hispanics and non-Hispanics, oppose the Roman Catholic Church's prohibition of priests marrying or having any type of sexual relations. Only 22 percent said they supported the prohibition, while 4 percent said they were unsure or gave no answer.

That majority was even larger -- 81 percent -- when those polled were asked whether they thought priests and nuns should be able to marry because the ``celibacy requirement for Catholic clergy is antiquated and no longer viable.''

''In rejecting one of the cardinal tenets of church dogma, Roman Catholics in Miami-Dade now believe that church policies on celibacy from the 12th century no longer make sense for the 21st century,'' said Fernand R. Amandi, executive vice president of Bendixen & Associates, which conducted the poll for The Miami Herald.

It's unclear whether the polling reflects real attitudes about celibacy, or simply support for Cutié ... okay, is it just coincidental that he's like, a rock star in the Catholic world and his name without the accent is "cutie?" Just sayin...


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