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Jim Greer’s grovely pay-for-play gambit

Jim Greer likes Black people? Fo shizzle, my nizzle. How do you make the head of the Florida Republican Party look like an idiot? Well … let’s ask the proprieters of certain Black media outlets: Florida Republican leaders are trying … Continue reading

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Katherine Jackson files for gets custody

… of all three of Michael Jackson’s kids. Upside: she’s their grandmother, and I’m sure they love her very much, and she’ll provide some measure of stability for the oddly raised threesome. Downside, she’s married to this guy: Embedded video … Continue reading

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Fox News: creaky old media giant?

Neilsen’s next generation ratings system finds that while the Fox “News” Channel has more old, grumpy, computer illiterate viewers, CNN (especially) and MSNBC beat them handily when it comes to people who get their news online, rather than just “through … Continue reading

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News blast: Billy Mays dead, Madoff sentenced, white firefighters prevail

The celebrity deaths are coming fast and furious, folks. Loud, exuberant Pitchman Bill Mays has died at age 50 of an apparent pulminary embalism. (Medical examiner press conference just wrapped up in Tampa.) Apparently he hit his head during a … Continue reading

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A military coup in Iran?

Protests resumed in Iran over the weekend. Witnesses at the scene tell The Associated Press that some protesters claimed they suffered broken arms or legs in Sunday’s clashes around the Ghoba Mosque. They say some young demonstrators screamed at police … Continue reading

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The Sanfords: more depressing than John and Kate

“For most Christians, at some point in your marriage, if you’re married long enough, you do it because that’s what we’re called to do _ out of obedience instead of out of passion. And I think that’s where Mark and … Continue reading

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Washington Bitchy: Nico Pitney smacks down Milbank

Mr. Washington Sketchy himself, WaPo king of snark Dana Milbank, takes one to the thorax from HuffPo blog reporter Nico Pitney, who went one-on-three on CNN’s Reliable Sources. Milbank got called out for his whingeing over Pitney’s Iran question at … Continue reading

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