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Monday, June 01, 2009
Fox News: the assassination station

... Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice and others have appeared from time to time on { } shows. ...

Unfortunately, these episodic, and usually fleeting, appearances do not begin to match -- let alone to counteract -- the incessant drumbeat of { } victimization, anti-{ } vituperation and approval for acts of violence thus justified when perpetrated by terrorists.

Who do you suppose that passage is referring to? What about this one?

"It is a professional institution but it is a militant institution that wants to convey an ideological Jihadi message..."

If you answered Al Jazeera, score one for you. The first is from a strikingly Goebelesque Frank Gaffney post on the Fox News website at the height of the Iraq invasion in 2003 (a piece in which he was advocating bombing Al Jazeera out of existence, and taking over Iraqi television ourselves, to broadcast pro-American messages directly to the Iraqi people. Hey, it's Frank "Destroy the Arabs" Gaffney....) The second is a quote from Fox terrorism analyst Walid Phares (who was actually "discovered" by one of my mentors at NBC 6, Ike Seamans, back in the day) quoted in a "news story" about the dangers of PBS picking up Jazeera content. Phares was also describing Al Jazeera. But with a few tweaks, either man could have been describing Fox News itself, America's home grown right wing extremist network, broadcasting to the right's very own '"qaida" (the base.)

Keith Olbermann dismantled Fox tonight, for just one of its extremist veins: its jihad against the now very dead Dr. George Tiller. Keith's recommendation? Quarantine the bastards, just the way the right believes that an Arab news station which it says broadcasts extremist propaganda (though actually, Al Jazeera turns out to be more "fair and balanced" than Fox...) would have us do. In fact, they tried.

Watch Keith's excellent riff here:

Fox's hands have been busy in other Devil's work, from countenancing the vicious anti-Obama protests of the McCain-Palin nightmare campaign, to coddling ideologues who have accused Barack Obama of being a terrorist collaborator, a dangerous black nationalist, and even the anti-Christ. If you're a Fox News viewer: somewhere north of 60, longing for the "good old days" before the "hippies" took over, angry, isolated, and enraged by Obma's election, and a "news" channel existed that for 24 hours each day encouraged you to arm yourself with as many guns as you can get your hands on, to literally fear the president of the United States (a Marxist / Communist whose policies are akin to the 9/11 terror attacks...) to join the fringe anti-tax movement which is often tied to the militia movement, ridicule and indulge in veiled threats against the president, to feel that white people are under assault and that Obama is threatening to flood the country with immigrants, to stand up and "surround" your "enemies," who are also the enemies of your country and your children, and to hate people like Dr. Tiller, whom you are told over and over and over again are mass murderers, and in short, to believe, as PoliticalBase put it, that

Barack Obama is an evil Muslim socialist dictator who isn’t even a citizen! He is going to ration health care so people die, remove his enemies from the radio airwaves, impose communism, cripple businesses, slash defense, put terrorists on the streets, put Capone-like Chicago criminals in charge of the government, take everyone’s guns, force women to have abortions, rig the census, put our children in Communist indoctrination camps, and send gays in to destroy our army, invalidate all straight marriages and make all our wives whores and our children bastards!

... what might you do?

And what would you call the channel that incited you?

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