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Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Pimps in the pulpit, volume XXIV
LiveSteez tells the truth (hat tip to
Mainstream politicians and Black community leaders are demanding a better accounting of the “return on investment” offered by churches to the communities that fund them. Meanwhile, legions of faithful churchgoers defend their pastors and accuse their detractors of applying a double standard that ignores the largesse of wealthy, white televangelists, while underplaying the economic development and social service functions provided by the Black Church.

“The church has gotten caught up in materialism and greed, a lifestyle. Many ministers today want to live like celebrities and they want to be treated like celebrities. In other words, instead of the church standing with the community, the church has become self-serving. It has strayed away from its mission” according to Dr.Love Henry Whelchel, professor of church history at The Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta.
Amen. BTW I don't know what "Black community leaders" they're talking about, because I haven't heard a soul (so to speak) speak out on this one, except the guy who wrote "Pimps in the Pulpit," but he didn't even get famous enough talking about it to become a regular commentator on cable news. There are intermittent complaints form some quarters of Black media, especially the Black blogosphere, but the complaints haven't altered the behavior of Black pastors, who seem to be in a headlong competition to be the biggest baller on the block, rather than the greatest advocate for the often economically deprived communities they're supposed to serve. So what is LiveSteez going to do about it?
LiveSteez’s investigative series will take a forensic editorial approach to quantifying the return to Black America for the $350 billion in tax-favored donations it has given to the Black Church, examining the arguments on both sides of the pulpit. In this series we will seek answers and advisory to the following questions:

- How often and how much do church leaders take advantage of the faith of poor black people?

-We will investigate and indentify the churches they are showing a strong return on investment that goes beyond inspiration.

- What does the black community have to show for the $350 billion in tax free dollars?

- Expert analysis on what could potentially be done with such a huge amount of money and how it could improve the state of our communities.

- Why do some church leaders refuse to participate in the Grassley congressional Investigation, which requested the financial records of several mega-churches.
Go get 'em, Steez. One other thing I'd like to see is what ever happened to all that Faith Based money the Bush administration doled out to try and buy support from church folk.

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