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The King of Plop

Peter King calls Michael Jackson a pervert … think he’ll get some campaign heat going against him in New York in 2010 (especially if he runs for Senate?) And now for the backlash!

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Blasphemy on Fox! Liz Trotta vs. Caribou Barbie

Watch this completely flummoxed Fox News anchor try to steer commentator Liz Trotta back onto the winger reservation as she calles Sarah Palin “inarticulare,” “undereducated” and the stuff of which William F. Buckley grave rolling is made: Ha! The poor … Continue reading

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Where’s the outrage?

How much more of this are we going to take before Black America just gets fed up and starts shutting the thug culture down, from hip-hop to gun lore to gangs? Twelve people were shot shortly after midnight Monday when … Continue reading

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The slow and painful death of Black culture

News One vents their outrage at what was, if it proceeded as described, a truly disgraceful performance — rapper Lil Wayne and some other guy performing the clean version of a porno song with a bunch of little girls dancing … Continue reading

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