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Debbie Rowe: just like June Cleaver, only cursier!

An L.A. TV station catches Debbie Rowe at her most loving and maternal: Yeah. Give Michael Jackson’s kids to that lady. Previous: I ain’t sayin’ she’s a gold digger… Debbie Rowe wants the kids

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The takeaway: Meek and Charlie each raise $3 mil

Kendrick Meek sent out one of those “thank you for your support” emails this morning to his contributors, which contained the not surprising news that he has raised more than $3 million so far this year. With no real opposition, … Continue reading

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Who you gonna call? Charlie!

If you were going to quit your governorship in mid-stream, and you were a winger, who would you call? If you’re Sarah Palin, add Rudy Giuliani (hopefully he didn’t propose to her too much… or drool into the phone about … Continue reading

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Sarah sez: ‘I am not a crook … I mean quitter!

Sarah Palin does her best Dick Nixon … only without the gravitas or the jowls … (and with a wading thingy on!) From CNN: Embedded video from CNN Video And now, Nixon’s version: Interesting that Nixon talked about money, just … Continue reading

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