Daily Archives: July 9, 2009

The great WordPress migration

Things may seem a bit strange at the Reidreport over the next few days, but there’s good reason for it. I finally got myself off of Blogger (ack!) and onto WordPress, and am still finalizing moving all the files, feeds, … Continue reading

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Rep. King: What’s a little slavery between friends?

Steve King stands up to anti-slavery liberals. Continue reading

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Jeepers, Creepers

You know what crazy is? Crazy is expecting your married boyfriend to be faithful to you… Continue reading

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In America, we marry other species

Well, that certainly explains a lot … Enjoy your dose of Fox and Friends crazy-talk. Salon helpfully translates Brian Kilmeade’s rant into human: Kilmeade and two colleagues were discussing a study that, based on research done in Finland and Sweden, … Continue reading

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